Ways to tell how powerful an organic pest repellant is?

When it motivates a retired farmer and organic farming consultant to put his boots back on and get back into the fields, you know something special is happening.

That’s exactly how Daniel Rotberg, aka “Farmer Boo” felt when he got the call from a dear old friend from college introducing him to Leonard Atlas, the co-Founder of Better Green Crops. 

Leonard himself a retired floral decorator and his family have been involved with cut flowers since 1946 and despite Leonard having left the flower business in 1992, he partnered up with his Australian buddy, Andrew Naar to form Better Green Crops (and Better Canna Crops) this last year when they became global distributors of GroAloe.

 According to Atlas “GroAloe is the world’s first and only patented 100% pure Aloe Vera biostimulant and soil amendment that happens to naturally repel most pests from most crops.  Knowing how important Organic and Bio-dynamic farming is today and that so many of us are concerned with the environment and giving back, rather than taking from the earth, I knew this was a project I wanted to spread globally.”

Farmer Daniel found that “GroAloe is a tremendously beneficial organic single ingredient plant-based product that can be used at all stages of crop development, from preparing the soil through planting, growing, harvest and finally it can be particularly helpful in vineyards for post-harvest maintenance as well as overall soil fertility.”

Impressed by the results that GroAloe has had so far on crops ranging from grapes grown in Canada, rice in Indonesia to Cannabis and Hemp in California and Oregon, Farmer Daniel felt that this might be a sign from above to get back to his farming roots and he began to investigate and talk with some of his other farming buddies and together start a few crop trials of their own, some of which are still going on today from the Carolina’s to Napa/Sonoma.

“GroAloe enhances the vines own natural defenses to ward off lingering fungus or soil born diseases during their grow cycle and dormancy phase, and since the plants don’t have to work as hard, they tend to grow healthier with increased yields, not uncommon to be 10-30% greater than without.”

“We recommend-several spaced out foliar applications as soon as the grapes are harvested and the area has been cleaned or old vines and debris.  We also have noticed that Integrating GroAloe in the existing drip irrigation and watering protocols can greatly enhance the overall health and vigor of all the plants where it is applied.”

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